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Novatel Correct: Terrastar C and Terrastar L

NovAtel CORRECT™ is the positioning algorithm on NovAtel's GNSS receivers

that handles corrections from a variety of sources, including Real Time

Kinematic (RTK), Precise Point Positioning (PPP), Spaced Based

Augmentation Systems (SBAS) and Differential Global Navigation

Satellite Systems (DGNSS).

With NovAtel CORRECT™, you can choose the corrections method that

best meets the  requirements and performance objectives of your

application.The depth of NovAtel’s GNSS experience, combined with

superior TerraStar correction data, sets them apart from other precise

positioning solutions.

TerraStar Correction Services offer complementary solutions for

NovAtel CORRECT™ with PPP and NovAtel CORRECT with RTK.

NovAtel CORRECT™ with PPP utilizes TerraStar correction services

to provide accurate sub-metre or decimetre positioning around the world, anytime.






Two different service levels, TerraStar-L and TerraStar-C.


TERRASTAR-C (5 cm accuracy² , 30-45 mins)
TerraStar-C high rate corrections enable carrier phase ambiguity
resolution, enhancing accuracy and speeding up recovery from GNSS signal interruptions.

TerraStar-C is ideally suited for high accuracy and real time pass-to-pass applications

requiring centimetre level repeatability.
TERRASTAR-L (50 cm accuracy², < 5 mins)
For broad accuracy applications, TerraStar-L provides consistent sub-meter positioning

with fast initialization to maximize uptime and optimize productivity costs.

NovAtel’s highly recognized Applications Engineering team is available to assist with

the integration of your TerraStar service , ensuring optimized positioning for your

application. TerraStar Network Infrastructure has over 80 GNSS reference stations

that are located around the world, operated, maintained and controlled by TerraStar.

There are seven Geostationary communication satellites, which means two beams are

always visible from anywhere on earth.

The TerraStar network has three network control centers and backup to front line support

is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


NovAtel CORRECT™ ensures you receive the positioning accuracy needed for your application, whether that is metre, decimetre or centimetre-level. All correction sources are optimized,

putting more power, flexibility and control in your hands.

NovAtel CORRECT™ is the culmination of over 20 years of leadership and product innovation in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning 


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