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Phoenix, founded in 2003 and resided in Enschede in the Netherlands is dedicated to MNT software solutions with worldwide presence and over 180 customers.


Phoenix has a highly qualified and experienced team

  • >100 years of experience in the field
  • Software development since 1991
  • >100 designs and process flows created
  • Multiple years processing experience
  • Managed first ISO qualification for MST in Europe
  • Over 60 published scientific articles
  • Commercial and academic backgrounds
  • Valued partner in more than 10 research projects



Phoenix support customers worldwide to:

  • Enhance research, process and product development
  • Improve quality and reduce time to market
  • Phoenix customers are active in integrated photonics, microfluidics, MEMS, printed electronics and other micro and nano technology

Phoenix offer:

  • Unique fully integrated mask layout, process flow design and simulation environment
  • The only dedicated technology knowledge base and MES for the market
  • Process Design Kits for foundry access
  • Targeted training courses and customer support


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