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Novatel presents GRIT

GRIT :  GNSS Resilience, Integrity and Technology 


• GRIT is the new NovAtel Advanced firmware features

It offers  a comprehensive suite of optional firmware features for position, navigation and timing protection (PNT) that enables users to protect position, from interference, jamming and spoofing.
These situational awareness and interference mitigation tools can be deployed
for a wide variety of applications and environments to provide robust protection for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles),

UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and other robotic platforms.

GRIT’s capabilities for PNT resiliency and integrity include:
•  GNSS spoofing detection – Users can get a comprehensive understanding of the RF environment and identify when PNT measurements are at risk
•  GNSS interference toolkit – Users can identify and characterize interference frequencies in the area, and protect systems from both unintentional and malicious interference
•  Time-tagged digitized sampling – Provides the user with time-tagged analog to digital data snapshots to characterize the RF environment and develop custom interference location algorithms.
GRIT is available as a firmware upgrade for all NovAtel OEM7 receivers, and can be easily installed





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