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Integrated photonic optical equalizer

Real added value with LioniX international innovative technology



Integrated photonic optical equalizer: A new era of equalization performance

Tele and data communications rely on the transmission of data through with limited bandwidth.

The low frequency parts of the signal can blur the boundaries between signal pulses, leading to problematic data errors.

Thanks to LioniX International novel optical equalizer (designed by Optagon Photonics),ultra-fast and highly reliable data-transmission

is possible. The equalizer, manufactured by LioniX International, corrects distortions and data errors in communications signals

and is the first such device to use photonic integrated technology to enable flexible operation across a range of data transmission speeds.  

Optagon Photonics worked with LioniX international to create an optical equalizer in a compact Photonic Integrated Circuit (or PIC).

This PIC is the first optical equalizer to succeeded in directly mirroring the architecture and function of traditional electronic equalizers

—  something that was previously seen as impossible.

Not only this, but the reduction in data errors demonstrated by the device is very promising — tests showed data errors reduced to

zero in all of the output signals evaluated, no matter how distorted the input was.


Additional benefit: A Low loss silicon nitride for high-performance equalization.

As equalization involves removing parts of a signal to correct distortions, the designers wanted to minimize the use of bulky optical 

amplifiers and so needed to carefully control losses.

The valuable LioniX’s TriPleX formulation enables low loss optical wave guides and permits to couple to external light sources,

also with minimal losses.


Another benefit of this  Photonic integration is flexibility, this compact equalizer can be tuned in real-time to operate flexibly with a broad

range of signal transmission rates. Data centre components may need to operate on different transmission rates and components may be

upgraded to enable faster transmission rates as technology improves.

This flexible PIC based approach to optical equalization therefore offers equipment manufacturers a one-size fits all add-on that can be

deployed with a range of components.

Furthermore, such a tunable device is future proof, with the scope to stay in use even as transmission rates increase over time(…)

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• Other interesting topic about LioniX international  advanced technology:

A photonic integrated ion trap used to create a scalable building block

for quantum computing rivalling the most sophisticated experiments.

A central challenge in quantum computing remains the creation

of low-noise qubits that can be scaled to sufficiently high numbers for useful computation.



LioniX has been approached to fabricate an ion trap on a photonic

integrated circuit (or PIC) .With this, the researchers could consistently

deliver light to exact locations in the ion trap.

This not only reduced sources of error and noise from free space optics

but also simplified operation — light could easily be coupled to the PIC

using optical fibers on the outside of cryogenic and vacuum equipment.

Using TriPleX™, Lionix proprietary silicon nitride waveguide technology,

issues are addressed by tailoring waveguides to optimize the properties

of the light at different stages. (…)

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