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Integrated RGB laser for AR headsets

Integrated RGB laser light engine for augmented reality headsets

LioniX International is launching an RGB laser light engine with outstanding brightness for retinal projection augmented reality (AR) headsets.
The laser module integrates the highest performing laser diodes, micro-optics and electrical interfaces on-chip.
The result is a compact, volume manufacturable component ready to be integrated into customers hardware.

With 20 years’experience in integrated photonic module development, Lionix International leads the AR hardware revolution with integrated light sources.
Combining long-standing expertise, leading material technology, product development expertise and scalable production capability,
Lionix International is more than a module supplier, it is essential to your business.
LioniX International proposes the absolute best possible performance and the technology can also be tailored to perfectly match
the customer specifications.
This high level technology provides, without any compromise on aesthetics, the brightest light sources, integrated on a chip.
Resulting of that: Stunning images thanks to a chip with dimensions of just a few millimeters, and with low-profile integrated electrical interfaces.

LioniX International is ready to scale production to support its customers product growth, offering with the RGB laser light engine,
a mature technology tailored to customer system.


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