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DIAS pyrometers and detectors

The company DIAS Infrared GmbH (Germany) develops and manufactures system solutions focused on the non-contact temperature measuring for customers from the industry and research.

The infrared measurement devices – also for customized application – are manufactured in Germany, using the newest technologies.


Dias offers Pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement and Pyroelectric infrared detectors.

For more than 25 years DIAS Infrared does research, development and manufacturing of high-quality infrared detectors.





Pyrometers PYROSPOT for non-contact temperature measurement
• Several temperature ranges from –40 °C to 3000 °C
• Adjusted spectral ranges for different applications
• Fixed, vario and fibre cable optics
• Standard outputs for industry (analog and digital)
• Robust housings with easy connection possibilities
• Convenient evaluation and parameterizing software PYROSOFT Spot
• Wide range of accessories
• Fixed and portable devices 

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Black bodies PYROTHERM

 Black bodies PYROTHERM for measurement and calibration tasks
• Black body calibration sources from –15 °C to 1500 °C


Pyroelectric infrared detectors PYROSENS

Pyroelectric infrared detectors PYROSENS

Infrared detectors are used in industry for the detection of physical and chemical properties

like temperature, humidity, intensity and gas concentration.


• Pyroelectric single and multi element detectors
• Pyroelectric linear arrays
• For non-contact temperature measurements, gas analysis, spectroscopy and security applications


In addition DIAS offers the following services:
• Calibration services
• Measurement services
• R & D services  

In the field of Non-contact temperature measuring, DIAS solutions are characterized by a robust design, excellent precision, superior reliability and a high service orientation.

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