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Novatel Correct - TERRASTAR

With NovAtel CORRECT positioning TERRASTAR® service, you can choose the corrections method (RTK, PPP, SBAS or DGPS) that best meets the requirements and performance objectives of your application.


Novatel CORRECT is the positioning algorithm on NovAtel's GNSS receivers that handles corrections from a variety of sources, including RTK, PPP, SBAS and DGPS.  



TERRASTAR® is a subsidiary of Veripos, one of the leading providers of satellite-based GNSS precise positioning, which operates its own network of more than 80 GNSS reference stations worldwide.

TERRASTAR® has an OEM business model that allows NovAtel to sell the TERRASTAR® correction service directly to its customers for land, airborne and near-shore applications.

Whether it's an RTK solution, for highest accuracy and availability, a PPP solution when you need to meet high accuracy requirements without all the extra setup, or a simple low accuracy, lower cost solution available through SBAS/DGPS, NovAtel CORRECT offers it all



•Subscription based
•Purchased through WALDYTECH  - reseller of Novatel in Israel
•Corrections delivered direct to end user
•NovAtel & TERRASTAR Customer Support 




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