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WALDYTECH is active in reselling products and representing companies from different countries worldwide into a selection of countries – among them Israel as a primary market, Europe and North America.
The main fields of operation of WALDYTECH include navigation, motion simulators, high end sensors, imagery processing, micro & nano technology.


WALDYTECH customers for navigation, GNSS and GNSS Inertial systems include the most important defense and aerospace companies in Israel, mid - size companies in the defense industry and mid-size and smaller players, mostly in the Hi-Tech civilian market.


As the official reseller of Novatel in Israel and reseller of its daughter company the Antenna manufacturer - ANTCOM, WALDYTECH large customer base profits on top of the superior service and support also from the professional advice when choosing the proper equipment to match their specific needs.


In the field of motion simulators, as the representative of Acutronic USA and Acutronic Switzerland in Israel, WALDYTECH serves a large part of the defense sector and is active in most projects for that need. WALDYTECH solid customer base get the best service and quality.


To create the best service and value for its customers WALDYTECH is ISO 9001-8000 certified.

WALDYTECH is an approved supplier of IMOD, IAI and Rafael, Elbit and many other Israeli companies.

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WALDYTECH is ISO 9001:2015 certified