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NovAtel® Launches New TerraStar-C PRO

NovAtel® Launches New TerraStar-C PRO Multi-Constellation Correction

Service , including the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou constellations.
TerraStar-C PRO combined with OEM7® technology, enables 2.5 cm

horizontal accuracy, initial convergence in under 18 minutes and

worldwide coverage.   
TerraStar-C PRO cuts initial convergence times by nearly 60 percent and

offers 40 percent better horizontal accuracy than the current TerraStar-C


TerraStar-C PRO enables higher operational efficiency by allowing users

to start operations sooner and continue to work through challenging

conditions without interruptions 





TerraStar-C PRO corrections are generated using TerraStar’s proprietary global network of over 100 strategically located GNSS reference stations. The correction data is delivered worldwide through overlapping geostationary satellites directly to a NovAtel receiver or via cellular IP network.

With OEM7 triple L-Band support, TerraStar-C PRO correction signals from up to three satellites can be tracked and used simultaneously, providing continuous correction data reception when the primary satellite signal is blocked. 

TerraStar-C PRO is available immediately as a termed subscription service for agriculture, unmanned, airborne, and land applications, such as survey, mapping and GIS and supported on compatible OEM7 products with firmware version 7.05 and later.

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