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NovAtel released New VEXXIS™ Family of GNSS Antennas


NovAtel introduced in 2016, its new VEXXIS series of GNSS antennas



The VEXXIS series include two lines of antennas, the new GNSS-800 series and GNSS-500 series.

they offer the latest advancement in GNSS antenna technology for multi - constellation and multi-frequency GNSS application.

 The VEXXIS GNSS-800 series of antennas features a patented multi-point feeding network as well as advanced  radiation pattern optimization technology. The multi-point feeding network provides symmetric radiation patterns across all frequencies, delivering excellent multipath rejection, and very small phase center variation and offset. The result is better carrier phase measurements and a more accurate RTK solution.
The radiation pattern optimization technology enables low elevation satellite tracking without sacrificing gain for higher elevation satellites. With more satellite observations and the low profile of GNSS-800 antennas, users can expect excellent performance even in worst environments conditions .

 The VEXXIS GNSS-500 series of antennas provide outstanding circularly polarized, symmetric radiation patterns with superior multipath rejection performance. Patented multi-point feeding network and radiation pattern optimization technology provide stable phase center, as well as exceptional low elevation satellite tracking while achieving high peak zenith gain. This new technology enables the antenna to track the maximum number of satellites in any environment for an enhanced positioning solution.

VEXXIS GNSS-500 antennas and GNSS-800 antennas are available for ordering.


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