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greenTEG develops, manufactures and markets Swiss Made high-precision thermal sensors.


World’s first Core Body Temperature sensor, gSKIN heat flux sensors and other measurements kits and accessories for measurements in R&D, experiments and OEM applications.


Core body temperature monitoring 


Core is the first non-invasive wearable that allows to continuously measure

core body temperature under real life conditions with great accuracy 


How CBT can be used to monitor possible COVID 19 symptoms


CBT Sensors



Core body temperature is an important vital parameter to determine

the health status of a person.

greenTEG offers the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and

non-invasive measurements.


This miniaturized sensor is ideal for the integration into wearable and med-tech devices with skin contact.

Contact us regarding integration of the gSKIN® XU sensor in your device

or integration of our stand-alone device, CORE, into your environment

Download the gSKIN® XU sensor datasheet


General Heat Flux Sensors


gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors:

The quality measurement tool for many applications in R&D

greenTeg has the ideal heat flux sensor for your application that will provide Increased precision in your Monitoring


Please contact us and we will suggest the ideal heat flux sensor for your application.


U-Value and Heat Flux kits

The U-Value describes the insulation quality of a material
greenTEG offers U-Value measurement kits which include sensors, a data logger and software
gSKIN® U-Value kit is often used in the field of building physics to describe how well a wall is insulated.

Download U-Value Kit datasheet



With The gO Measurement-System: U-value, R-value, humidity, and surface temperature measurements are made easy.
Download gO measurement -System Brochure

The gSKIN® Heat Flux Kit: The quickest solution to monitor and analyze heat flux and temperature difference

Download Heat Flux Kit datasheet

greenTEG delivers fast and worldwide to solve any thermal sensing challenge.
For more information, please contact us



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