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The ultimate light engine for Augmented Reality projection applications


Brilliance integrates red, green and blue laser lights into the smallest,
most efficient and easiest to integrate light engine module.

Brilliance's light engine enable their customers to overcome the
challenges of miniaturization, integration, energy efficiency
and overall comfort for all AR projection applications.        

Brilliance's patented silicon-nitride based platform and laser integration are
based on >20 years of integrated photonics experience, offer technical
superiority and allow high quality low cost volume production.

Size and style determine comfort & market acceptance.

The Brilliance Light Engine, results of the cooperation with LioniX international BV

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• Can be easily integrated as a flip-chip component into any projection device
• Output power adjustable between 1 and 100mW. Wavelengths 637nm, 520nm, 450nm
• Control over optical output properties (NA, circular elliptical, M2)
• Eyetracking compatible, hermetically sealed & electrical connections at bottom
• Fully integrated power monitoring, speckle reduction and various other options possible
Size: 4 x 7 mm2, thickness 1½ mm, customizable

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