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Lionix International BV

LioniX International, since 2001 is a leading global provider of customized microsystem solutions, in particular integrated photonics-based. They provide customized solutions for OEMs and system integrators, from design to fully
assembled modules, by vertical integration and in scalable production volumes for a suite of applications.


LioniX International has unique expertise in functional design and processing of Photonic Integrated Circuits. PIC modules and customized modules are based on silicon-nitride waveguides and LioniX also develops customized MEMS solutions and opto- fluidics.



Photonic Integrated Circuits and Triplex™ technology


LioniX International  focus on Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) enabled modules based on our proprietary TriPleX™ waveguide technology.This silicon nitride-based waveguide platform provides significant advantages over a broad spectral range and enables ultra-low propagation loss, making it attractive for use in a large suite of applications in telecom/datacom, life science, and metrology. In addition, the performance of TriPleX™  waveguides enhances our other core technology capabilities in micro- and opto-fluidics and MEMS.


About TriPleX™:

•Wavelength support from 400 2350nm
•Adjustable polarization properties
•Low optical attenuation
•Small bend radii
•Tapering to different interfaces
•Design by geometry
•Silicon and glass compatible



Lionix Photonic Integrated Modules are beneficial for Telecom/datacom applications as they increase robustness, reliability and compactness and open the route to ever increasing bandwidth requirements

High frequency (1-100 GHz) signal processing on a Photonic Integrated Circuit provides huge benefits over conventional free-space optics systems, or RF-electrical designs, enabling improved performance, smaller
size, lower weight and reduced power consumption.
Integrated microwave photonics provides a high level of on-chip integration and enables new features and functions such as beamforming, wavelength multiplexing, filtering and quantum computing.

Life Science

LioniX International PIC modules are used in different types of products in Life Science applications.

LioniX International can offer modules for fluorescence microscopy, DNA-sequencing, Flow-cytometry and many more application that require the manipulation of light like confocal microscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), endoscopy, spectroscopy, optical biosensors, food sorting and molecular diagnostics.

The ability for their PIC modules to operate in the visible range enables their use in life-sciences applications.

Thereby enabling more compact, robust and cost-effective systems.

Their assembly method is also suitable for use of the visible light.




As Lionix PIC modules can manipulate the laser light with high precision, new compact and robust PIC modules in metrology applications are possible. Applications like: laser Interferometry (homodyne, heterodyne and multiwavelength detection), optical coherence tomography (OCT) and spectrometry benefit from the compact devices, highly integrated functions and  robust designs.



LioniX International works closely with its OEM clients and system integrators in product development projects. 

Customized MEMS and Opto-fluidics

LioniX International develops customized MEMS solutions and produces them in small to medium volumes.

They offer flexibility in design as well as in process to achieve manufacturable solutions meeting your specification requirements.

Their customer base consists of OEM’s, system integrators and startups looking for a MEMS solution.

Lionix projects are not focused on any particular market. However, they experience a particular influx in the MEMS hot areas, such as TrueMEMS, bioMEMS, Microfluidics, Physical and Chemical Sensors, and Optofluidics.


During the development phase:

  • Lionix pursues an open and long-term relationship with the customers.
  • You have the opportunity to work  close together with one of their project leaders
  • You will receive regular progress updates
  • You will have the opportunity to manage costs and risks of your project by taking critical decisions
  • You own the rights on the design 
  • As a vertically integrated company, having core competences in design, fabrication, assembly and packaging

LioniX International address emerging markets such as photonic integrated modules in 5G networks, microwave photonics, life science, industrial process control, and space exploration.

LioniX International customized MEMS solutions have found their way in many product 

Click here for an overview of some of the projects they have worked on to give you an impression of their capabilities.


Read more on LioniX International web page





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